Dispatch Manager Spotlight

Nov 9, 2020

Becoming a Dispatch Coordinator at Ruan can be a highly rewarding career. This position can open the door to an endless career path at Ruan, where every day is exciting and challenging. Kimberly, a Dispatch Manager, shares her Ruan experience below!

Why did you choose to work for Ruan?

When Ruan was awarded the Klockner Pentaplast account, Ruan made me a more than fair job offer to continue on with them, and I accepted. The company’s fairness and demonstration of caring for their employees made it an offer I couldn’t refuse.

What is the favorite part of your job?

In dispatch, each day is a different puzzle you have to put together. I like that while you perform the same duties each day, every day is different.

Describe your typical day at Ruan as a dispatch manager. 
  • I monitor the miles on the trucks and assist the dispatchers with creative ways to make sure all the trucks are being utilized. I try to encourage them to think outside the box.
  • I monitor TMW accuracy and event completion.
  • I update times in the TMW loadboard.
  • I do all the training for new dispatchers and mentor them daily. I serve as their backup when they are out.
  • I also go through a training program with all new drivers.
  • Assign drivers trucks, mailboxes, give them a tour of the facility, and introduce them to all their team members.
  • Conduct monthly 1:1 meetings and quarterly reviews.
  • Assist in safety and driver appreciation events.
  • Work closely with the on-site manager to address driver issues and special projects.

What challenges you?

Challenges can present themselves daily, but that is what makes the job rewarding. You are challenged and you find a solution, either by yourself or with your team. You feel like you have accomplished something. In the dispatch world, I think a common challenge is putting the line up together.

What is a useful tip for someone who is considering a dispatch coordinator position?

Try to stay open minded and level-headed. Don't take things personally. Ruan provides the support and training to do the job well, and the Ruan team always works together in order to get things done.

What do you like about Ruan's culture?

I am very impressed with the culture at Ruan. It is very employee and driver oriented. They encourage coaching and growth. I like that they do quarterly reviews so that you can coach or be coached on things that may not be up to par and work on them throughout the year rather than being blindsided at the end of the year, like many companies do. I think the one on one meetings are great for touching base with your employees, and it shows them that management cares and wants to listen.


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