Get Active on National Exercise Day

Apr 18, 2024

National Exercise Day is celebrated on April 18! Exercise is important for maintaining your physical and mental health. Regular physical activity can help truck drivers maintain a healthy weight, lower risk of developing chronic conditions, and improve overall fitness. Below are a few exercises that you can do without equipment to get your body moving!


Squats are low impact and can be done anywhere at any time. A long day of sitting, whether at your desk or behind the wheel, can cause your legs to swell. Squats help strengthen your quadriceps and hamstrings while also enhancing your balance and core strength.

Stand feet shoulder width apart. Extend your arms in front of your body to help with balance. Bend your hips and knees to lower your body. Keep your heels on the floor and make sure that your knees are tracking over your feet. Do not round your low back. Then stand up straight while keeping your feet on the ground. Repeat this process until you feel a muscle burning sensation in your legs or for 12-20 repetitions.


Push-ups help strengthen your back, chest, arms, upper body, and core.

Lay face down on the floor with hands resting under your shoulders. Push up with your arms lifting your body off the floor. You may move the hands slightly in any direction to make it more comfortable. Lower and repeat. Perform 12 to 20 repetitions.


Performing planks is a great exercise for truck drivers who are just getting started with a workout routine! Planks improve stability and core strength while adding muscle to both your abs and lower back.

Lie on the floor face down with your elbows close to your sides and directly under your shoulders, palms down and fingers facing forward. Pull your belly button to your spine and hold. Slowly lift your body off the floor. Keep your body and legs rigid. Do not allow your ribcage or low back to sink toward the floor. Most planks are done in sets of one minute or more.


Walking can help strengthen bones, reduce the risk of osteoporosis, and can lower blood pressure and cholesterol! There are countless benefits that come from walking.

When going out for a walk, be sure to keep your head up and centered, and focus your eyes straight ahead of you. Most experts recommend 10,000 steps a day. To reach that goal, aim for one hour of walking, three to four times per week. Short bursts of walking are better than nothing at all, so feel free to divide your daily walking into three 20-minute segments.


We hope you can get out and move your body today and every day! Check out these resources to continue learning about the importance of exercise!