Get to Know Our Team: Carlisle Wheeler

Nov 14, 2019 By:

Carlisle Wheeler Headshot

Carlisle Wheeler, Manager, Extended Operations

How long have you been with Ruan?

I’ve been with Ruan for five years. Three years in the field at T230 in Austin, TX, and two years in Des Moines, IA.

Tell us about your team.

Currently, 18 team members make up the Extended Operations Center. The Ruan Extended Operations Center provides seamless support and business continuity to Ruan’s operations team members and customers outside of traditional work hours and provides services that can be more efficiently and as effectively completed by a centralized team through:

  • Timely support and resolution of regular and critical operational events
  • Monitoring and updating of systems to maintain the flow of real-time data
  • Execution of time sensitive business processes
  • Tracking and reporting capabilities
  • Administrative and customer service responsibilities

Through the Ruan Extended Operations Center, we:

  • Reduce the workload on the on-site team to support after hours events involving their operation
  • Provide a readily available resource with access to real-time data to support our driving professionals and customers after traditional office hours
  • Reduce waste and cost and drive efficiencies through the organization

What project are you working on that you’re most excited about?

In August, the Dedicated and Managed Transportation after hours teams merged to create a single, stronger team to provide better support to our customers, drivers, carriers, and operations team members. Going forward, the improved Extended Operations Center will be a central hub for all support outside of traditional work hours. After only working on the Dedicated side of Ruan, I am excited to learn about the Managed Transportation business so that the EOC can present ourselves to our internal and external customers as “One Ruan.”

Tell us about your life outside of work.

I met my husband at the University of Maryland where we both played sports. We love watching college football, and we’re excited to be living in Big Ten territory so we can drive to see Maryland play. We have a son, Hudson, who turned one in July. He has been keeping us very busy, but we are enjoying every minute of it!