Most Popular Mobile Applications Among Drivers

Feb 10, 2021

While on breaks from driving, many professional truck drivers choose to spend their time on their smart phones to connect with the world and take their mind off the road. Check out some of the most popular mobile applications among drivers to download for your next long trip. Remember, put your phone out of reach before driving—it’s an unnecessary distraction, and using phones while driving is against Ruan’s policy.

The Weather Channel

Stay informed about the weather along your route. The Weather Channel app makes it easy to see the current weather in multiple locations, making it convenient for drivers when they are trying to plan and prepare for their trip.


As a professional driver with long hours sitting behind the wheel, it’s easy for your health and fitness to become a lower priority. MyFitnessPal is a free app where you can enter your meals, count calories, track exercise minutes, and chart your water intake for the day. In fact, this application makes it easy to track calories by simply scanning the barcode of the particular item you are consuming with your mobile device.

AOL Mail

Downloading the AOL Mail app makes it convenient to respond to emails quickly without having to wait to have access to a computer or tablet. Even if you don’t use AOL Mail, you can download your email service’s application on your phone to help you to stay informed and connected during your driving breaks.


The King5 mobile application allows you access breaking news quickly as it happens in your area. On the road, you are away from your TV. King5 gives you the ability to access live, on-air newscasts right on your mobile device. Never miss breaking news again with this app download, and enjoy keeping up to date during your time on the road.

Words With Friends

Words with Friends is a fun game that can offer a break from the outside world while also expanding your vocabulary. The app is very similar to the board game Scrabble, and you have the ability to challenge your Facebook friends. This game is free to download and play and keeps your mind sharp.