National Work Zone Awareness Week: Work Zone Safety is in Your Hands

Apr 3, 2017

The 2017 National Work Zone Awareness Week, April 3-7, reminds motorists that “Work Zone Safety is in Your Hands.” This annual campaign is held at the beginning of construction season with the goal of encouraging safe driving through highway work zones. On Wednesday, April 5, everyone is encouraged to Go Orange for Work Zone Safety.

According to the Fatality Analysis Reporting Final (FARS), there were 642 work zones fatalities in 2015 and 35,426 injuries. Both of these numbers increased from 2014, so it is crucial to improve safe driving habits while navigating work zones.

Here are some safe driving tips from the Work Zone Safety Consortium:

  • Pay close attention to work zone signs and traffic, as well as workers going in and out of work zones. Remember to utilize Megasafe7 Rule 2: Expand Your View when navigating construction areas.
  • Leave plenty of space between you and the motorist ahead of you. Remember Megasfe7 Rule 3: Maintain Proper Following Distance, and adjust your following distance as necessary for the conditions.
  • Be aware of any motorists who may be trying to quickly speed ahead of you or turn in front of you at the last possible moment during lane closures.
  • Expect to stop soon when you see a flagger ahead sign, and know that you may have to slow down or stop unexpectedly at any time while in a work zone.

Ruan’s number one Guiding Principle is Safety Focus, and this priority is embedded deep into our culture. We encourage safe driving for all team members—not just our professional drivers—and the motoring public through our Megasafe7 Rules of Safe Driving. Review the rest of these rules in honor of National Work Zone Awareness Week, and commit to always driving safely in work zones!