Operation Safe Driver Week

Jul 11, 2022

Be sure to check your vehicle’s condition before driving, keep your eyes on the road, and follow the speed limit because this week, July 10-16, is Operation Safe Driver Week! According to Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA), “The Operation Safe Driver Program was created to improve the driving behaviors of all drivers and reduce the number of crashes involving commercial motor vehicles on our roadways through educational and traffic enforcement strategies. Operation Safe Driver Week was created by CVSA with support from federal agencies in Canada, Mexico, and the U.S., the motor carrier industry, and transportation safety organizations.”

What does this mean for drivers? Across the country, law enforcement will be on high alert, looking for unsafe driving behaviors such as speeding, improper lane changing, equipment malfunctions like broken lights, distracted driving, and more.

This operation affects both passenger vehicle drivers and commercial motor vehicle drivers. The goal isn’t to “catch bad drivers and punish them,” but rather to educate both drivers and the public on safe driving habits and promote positive interactions with law enforcement. “Data shows that traffic stops and interactions with law enforcement help reduce problematic driving behaviors,” according to CVSA. “By making contact with drivers during Operation Safe Driver Week, law enforcement personnel aim to make our roadways safer by targeting high-risk driving behaviors.”