Ride-Along in Texas!

May 4, 2023

Agaba Kabunga, an applications developer based at Ruan’s Des Moines Campus, recently enjoyed an opportunity to ride along with truck driver Tyrone Moten in Houston, TX. Moten took Kabunga though a day in the life of a truck driver and highlighted his interactions with Ruan’s technology. Kabunga will be able to use his learning from Moten to help determine how we can enhance in-cab dispatching technologies to make our drivers’ jobs easier and more efficient.

“For me, that day was the experience of a lifetime, being in the truck with Tyrone who has been driving for over 20 years. I learned a lot about transportation from a driver’s perspective, which was a great opportunity to see how drivers use the technology we built to help do their job,” Kabunga said. “Even though I have been with Ruan for almost four years, I had never been in an 18-wheeler until that day, and Tyrone made it a present experience.”

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