Ruan Celebrates Most Successful United Way Campaign Ever

Jan 3, 2012

In Ruan's most successful annual United Way campaign yet, 95.7 percent of corporate employees banded together to donate $134,000 to the non-profit organization. In the 2010 campaign, an impressive 94 percent of team members contributed to the campaign.


"Despite the remaining challenges in our economy, our team members surpassed expectations and contributed to our most successful campaign to date," Ruan CEO and President Steve Chapman said. "It is outstanding that even though some people may be personally struggling, they still give freely to those less fortunate. I know their funds will make a difference to beneficiaries of United Way."


At the campaign kick-off event, team members had an opportunity to hear from one such beneficiary. Karla was in and out of abusive relationships and fell into drug addiction. After years of struggling with these and other issues, the Department of Health and Human Services took her two children out of the home.


That was Karla's turning point. She vowed then and there to turn her life around. And she did with the help of United Way organizations. "I'm here to say thank you for your donations," Karla said to the Ruan crowd at the Des Moines Social Club.


On Halloween, Ruan hosted nearly 60 3- to 5-year-old children from Children and Families of Iowa's Child Development Center for a trick-or-treat event. Team members donned creative costumes and handed out candy at the kids toured the festively decorated Ruan Center.


Next, Ruan offered walking tours of the YMCA and Orchard Place, where team members could view the facilities and see and hear firsthand how those organizations benefit the community.


Ruan's United Way loaned executive, Sheila Prine of Wells Fargo, said she was very impressed with the campaign.


"The culture at Ruan is one of compassion and genuine concern for people," Prine said. "They don't just talk about how United Way can change lives; they get involved. For a company of this size to have close to 100 percent participation is commendable."