Ruan Drivers Place At Iowa Truck Driving Championships

Jun 16, 2022

Twelve drivers from Ruan operations across Iowa recently competed in the Iowa Motor Truck Association’s Truck Driving Championships, and one will advance to the national competition later this year! This two-day event includes a written exam and personal interviews to evaluate the drivers’ knowledge of the trucking industry and their professionalism. In addition, drivers compete in a driving skills test where they must navigate a series of problems designed to simulate obstacles one may face as a professional truck driver. They also conduct a judged pre-trip inspection.

“I am very proud of every Ruan participant this year. We had an extraordinary group of drivers compete, and they truly did a fantastic job of representing Ruan both on and off the course,” said John Holt, Ruan’s Safety Compliance Manager and 2022 Truck Driving Championship Co-Chairman. “Drivers certainly don’t get enough credit for the hard work they do, so it is an honor to be a part of an event that both showcases their skills and honors their commitment to the industry.”

All of Ruan’s drivers completed the challenges professionally and with exceptional skill, with several drivers placing in the top three for their category. Additionally, driver Leland Hildebrandt was awarded the Individual Sportsmanship Award in recognition of this outstanding leadership he provided his fellow drivers throughout the competition.

Congratulations to all our participants! 

Sleeper Berth Division | First Place | Tex Halligan - Will advance to the national competition! 

5-Axle Van Division | Second Place | Mujo Kajtazovic

5-Axle Van Division | Third Place | Terry Owens

5-Axle Flatbed Division | Second Place | Aaron Imhoff

Straight Truck Division | Third Place | Eric Smith

Individual Sportsmanship Award | Leland Hildebrandt