Ruan Named Top Green Fleet

Dec 17, 2020

Ruan’s fleet is set to travel 300 million miles in 2020, delivering valuable goods and products to consumers and businesses. We are committed to ensuring we leave the smallest environmental footprint possible while completing this critical work. In November, Ruan was again recognized for our sustainability efforts by being named to Heavy Duty Trucking’s Top Green Fleets list.

Ruan continually explores new opportunities to implement sustainable practices into our business. This includes our focus on utilizing cleaner fuel options, including compressed natural gas (CNG), renewable natural gas (RNG), biodiesel blends (primarily B20), and renewable hydrocarbon diesel. 

Ruan continually works with engine manufacturers to develop longer-lasting, lower-emitting engines with improved performance and lower fuel consumption. The base tractor specification we use matches the EPA's recommended tractor for best fuel consumption. Our entire fleet is made up of lightweight trucks and trailers with green specifications, including electric auxiliary power units that reduce engine idle time, efficient progressive shifting, auto-inflation trailer tire systems, and onboard recorders that monitor MPG, over-RPM, idle time, hard braking, and any over-speed driving. Moreover, we are investing in fully electric vehicles.

Top Green Fleets will have made a commitment to sustainability, reducing emissions, increasing fuel economy or adapting new fuels. The designation goes beyond the truck and trailer and extends to facilities that are greener or companies with green policies. The trade publication evaluates fleets’ long-term commitment to sustainability but also pays special attention to new initiatives. Heavy Duty Trucking editors looks for companies that are acting as leaders in their industry, participating in pilot projects and testing new technologies, and sharing what they’ve learned with others. 

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