Seven Reasons to Advance Your Truck Driving Career at Ruan

Feb 10, 2022

At Ruan, People First is one of our Guiding Principles, and it is our desire to be a Great Place to Work. As we continue to prioritize this initiative, we’ve implemented a variety of programs detailed in this post to enhance the onboarding experience for our truck drivers and open our doors to more candidates looking to advance their driving careers with Ruan. We have jobs built for drivers. Just ask them!

Driver Recruitment Proceses

1.  Work-life balance.

When you choose to drive for Ruan, you're immediately part of our Ruan family. And no one understands the importance of work-life balance like family. That's why newly hired Ruan drivers get two weeks of paid time off, starting in their first year of employment. What's more, we're focused on ensuring that drivers get either weekends or two consecutive days off.

2. Shortened benefits waiting period.

Newly hired drivers at Ruan only need to wait 30 days to receive their health benefits. That’s an entire month earlier than average. We made this change so Ruan’s new driving team members can have access to excellent benefits sooner, especially during a worldwide health pandemic. The safety and health of our employees is a top priority.

3. Drivers get a paycheck every week.

We’ve heard from drivers that they want consistent pay and faster access to their earnings. That’s why we’ve changed our payroll process to provide weekly pay. Ruan drivers across the country now receive their paychecks at the end of each week instead of receiving one every two weeks.

4. Safety protocols aligned to federal regulations.

Ruan’s Safety Focus Guiding Principle is at the root of every single decision we make. We’ve always had a variety of safety policies designed to keep our driving team members and the motoring public safe. Recently, we changed our cell phone policies to align with federal regulations. Our updated policies continue to put the daily, in-cab management of safety into each driver’s hands, including the safe use of Bluetooth technology.

5. Minimum experience requirement lowered from one year to nine months for some jobs.

With the addition of the Video Safety Program (VSP) to the many safety investments Ruan has made in training, tools, and technology, we are experiencing continuously improving safety performance. These investments and continuous improvement efforts are rooted in our Safety Focus and People First Guiding Principles. As a result, we are able to change our driving experience requirement for new-hire drivers without negatively impacting safety. Ruan’s minimum tractor-trailer driving experience requirement for new hires is now nine months for most operations where VSP has been implemented.

6. Improved driver recruiting process, with a focus on speed and quality.

At Ruan, our driver recruiting team and local management teams work together to provide a seamless process for driver candidates who wish to continue their truck driving careers with us. Once a driver completes a full online application, we’ve made it easier for the hiring process to begin. The recruiting team will conduct the interview, qualify, and schedule testing and orientation, all while the local manager takes time to get to know our candidates. This removes any delays caused by passing the process back and forth between recruiters and hiring managers. While our dedicated recruiters build a connection with a driver candidate to help determine which position might best fit them and their family’s needs, the manager prioritizes building a personal connection before, during, and after orientation so that our drivers feel as comfortable as possible when they begin a new position at Ruan.

7. Seamless, best-in-class onboarding process.

Once hired, an orientation date is scheduled for drivers to receive in-depth training with a focus on Ruan’s long tradition of safety. Many of Ruan’s orientations are held at state-of-the-art training facilities. Walk through Ruan’s driver onboarding experience here.

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