This Ruan operation has been in the DuBois community since 2013. This operation runs 24-hours a day and primarily serves our dedicated grocery customers.


About The DuBois Operation

We use Freightliner Cascadias pulling refrigerated trailers to get the groceries delivered. Our sleepers have 10 speed manual transmissions and our daycabs have 10 speed automatic transmissions.

A Great Place To Work

 Ruan’s operation in DuBois is a great place to work because we have great people. We are more than just employees or coworkers, we are a family.

One of Ruan’s guiding principles is “People First” and we live by it. You will make a good living in a safety focused culture because we care about our people. We deliver groceries right to the stores and their people also tend to become a part of our extended family as they get to know our drivers.

Hear What Drivers Say About This Operation:

 "I like the people and the whole atmosphere here. The safety focus is real, not just going by the book because you have to. They care about us and our safety at the end of the day. Some other places I have worked talked about safety, but when there was a push, the safety aspect could go out the window just to get the job done."

"Ruan cares about you as a person. Even though they are a bigger company, you get treated like you are an important team member, not just a number or a steering wheel holder."