Your Safety is our Top Priority

Ruan's Megasafe culture is second to none. At Ruan, your safety is our number one priority, and we created our own proprietary Megasafe Safety Program with you in mind. This custom safety program is based on industry trends and best practices.

Ruan was the first transportation company to implement a formal safety program in the 1940s. Since then, our emphasis on safety has only grown. At Ruan, you'll find a comprehensive safety system that guides training, safety meetings, and overall field operations. This system allows Ruan to closely align safety efforts with the measurements in the Department of Transportation's Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA) program.

Megasafe Ruan Safety Program

The Megasafe Safe Driving Program has several components. Megasafe drives mandatory Impact Meetings that all Ruan drivers attend, customer and team member communications, content in newsletters, posters, bulletins, and other safety materials, new driver training, glove and boot programs, and many others. However, the critical elements of the Megasafe program are the Megasafe7 Rules of Safe Driving and Megasafe5 Rules of Working Safely, in which all professional drivers and office staff are trained. 

Our Safety Team

Led by our Sr. Vice President of Safety, Compliance, and Operations Support, our safety team members, are positioned across the country to offer training and support to our 300 operations. Safety managers are responsible for developing and facilitating safety and compliance training for their respective operations, coaching, mentoring, addressing accident and injury trends, building improvement plans, and celebrating and giving positive recognition to the various teams. Our driver safety instructors conduct hands-on training, classroom training, remedial training, perform skills assessments, and carry an active Class A CDL. At headquarters, Ruan has a compliance team whose sole responsibility is to work with our operations and drivers to ensure compliance with regulations. The compliance team monitors ELD requirements, physical requirements, drug and alcohol requirements, and other regulatory items. 

Safety Technology

Ruan invests in trucks equipped with advanced technology designed to assist the driver in avoiding accidents by activating controls on the truck. Advanced driver assistance systems on the trucks can alert drivers if they are not maintaining proper following distance, departing a lane, or speeding. In some cases, the technology may activate brake pressure when a driver is slow to react to conditions on the roadway, like a sudden stop ahead. Ruan has also deployed a Video Safety Program. Each vehicle in our fleet is equipped with an inward- and outward-facing recorder that captures footage when triggered by an event like hard braking, lane departure, not wearing a seat belt, or using a seat belt, a cell phone, etc. Ruan utilizes the provided data and footage to coach drivers on continuously improving safety performance. 

Watch this video for more information about our Video Safety Program.