Are You Maximizing Your 3PL?

Sep 26, 2018 By:

More than ever, transportation and logistics executives are focused on driving efficiencies within their supply chains. Cost pressures and the ever-increasing competitive landscape are forcing innovative approaches to supply chain management and strategy.

Watch this video to ask yourself some important questions about your 3PL.

Not satisfied? Ruan’s Integrated Solutions services—including Dedicated Contract Transportation, Supply Chain Solutions, and Value-added Warehousing—are in high demand as customers realize that they need the best supply chain intelligence and processes to compete moving forward. Ruan, an asset-based 3PL, has developed a successful platform for sustainable transportation and logistics management centered on these three main principles:


From a technology perspective, Ruan models and simulates varied transportation solutions with RTMS2.0, our customized, integrated transportation management system (TMS) platform built on leading supply chain technologies. As you look to assess and validate your current supply chain processes, Ruan can provide a complimentary transportation analysis to identify areas of opportunity, design the solution elements, and develop an implementation strategy to drive results and deliver efficiencies. Our technology platform also offers our valued customers visibility to their shipments across the supply chain. Through customer portals, you will have access to where freight is at all times, updated ETAs, and proactive notifications for any delays.


Ruan has been managing logistics solutions for our customers for more than 86 years and has more than 50 years of integration and configuration experience on staff with the OTM application suite, an element of RTMS2.0. Members of the Ruan team are on the Oracle Customer Advisory Board and provide logistics educational sponsorship at the university level. Ruan’s supply chain engineers and skilled operators allow our clients to leverage the functionality of RTMS2.0, realize the benefits identified in our analysis, and continue to unveil best practices in transportation management. We also provide real-time business intelligence on key performance indicators, which customers utilize to understand what is happening in their supply chain. 


Once we develop a supply chain strategy, it is time for us to implement the physical movement of that design. We combine the best of current providers, Ruan carrier partners, and our company assets for the optimal service and cost solution. As one of the largest trucking companies in the U.S., Ruan is vested in our ability to bring capacity—along with systems and logistics experts—to deliver a comprehensive value proposition to our clients.

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