Driver Honored with John Ruan Founder's Award

Nov 10, 2015 By:

Ruan recently had the honor of presenting our first ever John Ruan Founder’s Award to a very deserving professional driver. The John Ruan Founder’s Award recognizes an employee whose actions have a significant impact on the community or who promotes human welfare.

On August 16, 2015, T024 driver Bob Easom left the terminal in Middletown, DE, on a nine-stop load delivering batteries for our customer Johnson Controls, Inc. On Tuesday, August 18, after being on duty for over 12 hours, Easom was completing his last delivery of the day to Walmart in La Plata, MD, at approximately 5:30 p.m. While walking toward his truck, he witnessed a man standing near the bus stop collapse and fall face down. Noticing that no one was providing assistance, Easom rushed over to check on the individual and assess the situation. Easom quickly determined that this individual had gone into cardiac arrest and began CPR while directing others nearby to call 911. He continued performing CPR until paramedics arrived. This individual was transported to a local hospital, underwent surgery and recovered from his medical episode.

Easom’s quick thinking and heroic actions resulted in saving the individual’s life. Following this incident, Easom did not bring any attention to his actions. The terminal only found out about this incident because one of the responding fire fighters mentioned it to one of his friends who is also a truck driver at terminal.

“This act he performed speaks to the type of individual that Bob is; first to act in a crisis and first to be there for another person in need,” Operations Manager Doug Aden said when nominating Easom for the award. “Bob is unselfish and humble in his acts. He doesn’t seek out praise or awards for going the extra mile; it’s part of his character to give the best effort he can day in and day out.”

Easom received a trophy and cash bonus, as well as a dinner in Middletown with CEO Ben McLean and several other Ruan leaders.

Thank you for your service and congratulations, Bob! You make us proud.

Driver Bob Easom was honored with the first John Ruan Founder’s Award at a ceremony in Middletown, DE. Pictured (L to R): Vice President of Operations Shawn Goad, Terminal Manager Brian Sylvester, CEO Ben McLean, Bob Easom, President of Dedicated Contract Carriage Ralph Arthur, Operations Manager Doug Aden, Director of Operations Ryan Frederiksen and Assistant Terminal Manager Genevieve Parker.