Ruan Survey Enhances Customer Experience

Feb 14, 2024

At Ruan, we are driven by five Guiding Principles, notably including Continuous Improvement. What does that mean for our customers? A lot, actually! Each day, Ruan’s Operations Support Services team collects and analyzes data with the intent of utilizing it to optimize the processes and technologies our operations utilize every day. This can mean saving customers time and money, helping them achieve their own logistics goals, assisting with sustainability efforts, and more.

Another tool utilized by Ruan to promote continuous improvement is our annual Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSAT). Each year, a short survey is sent to every Ruan client asking respondents to rate Ruan’s performance in several categories, including Professionalism, Communication, Customer Service, Operational Priorities, and Overall Performance. Additionally, customers are given the chance to submit comments about each of our services, ask questions or share concerns anonymously, and give praise to key team members.

A common question we receive is, “How do you utilize data from these surveys?” Once the results are compiled, a report is sent to the entire Ruan team dedicated to a specific customer. This enables the team to review average scores and comments and compare those to prior years’ results. The team then meets to discuss any areas of concern and to brainstorm ideas on how to remedy those areas. Additionally, through monitoring scores over the past several years, Ruan’s leaders are able to see which areas are improving over time or remaining the same.

Once the team meets internally to discuss results, they schedule a Strategic Engagement Session with the customer to present ideas on how to improve certain scores. They also discuss each customer’s priorities to determine if there are any additional services Ruan can provide to help them reach those goals.

Additionally, Ruan sets an aggressive goal itself, aiming for an 85% satisfaction level overall. We are very proud to say that we exceeded that goal in 2023 with an 86.3%. We look forward to another year of utilizing this powerful tool to learn more about our customers so we can deliver innovative and tailored services, strengthen our enduring partnerships, and create greater value for our customers.