Our Team is Yours

Nov 20, 2023

Ruan’s Integrated Supply Chain Solutions offer it all, combining the flexibility of our non-asset and asset-based capabilities with best-in-class technology and superior service. We have expertise in transporting and warehousing goods in every industry—and the right people and technology-driven processes to meet your supply chain needs. We partner with our valued customers to optimize their supply chains and deliver a tailored solution focused on continuous improvement, cost savings, and efficiency.

That’s not just a message developed by our marketing team. We truly stand behind these promises and know our customers agree. In fact, many of them have participated in our public advertising campaign, vouching for Ruan’s service offerings, our safety focus, our commitment to exceptional performance, and our dedication to ensuring customer satisfaction. Only featuring our own team would just tell half the story of what we do, so it made sense to include our partners to help tell the complete story of how our teams come together to power performance.

Here are a few of the key partnership messages shared in our campaign—promises that we extend to all of our present and future valued partners.

Human to human is the most important connection we make.

IABD Partnership Ad

When our team joins you at the table, we become your team. We learn your business, top to bottom, so we can provide tailored solutions that increase efficiency in your operation and result in on-time and in full deliveries to your customers. Just ask Herb and Leah. We provide Dedicated Contract Transportation and Value-Added Warehousing solutions for the Iowa Alcoholic Beverages Division. Herb is a knowledgeable ABD leader who trusts Leah and our team of experts to manage a complex transportation network and an active warehouse. Together, they meet customer demands and deliver spirits to the entire state of Iowa, scaling easily during high demand and with growing product variety.

We’re a family-owned business that’s powerfully personal.

Charter Steel Partnership Ad

Through our powerfully personal approach, we learn your values. Your goals. Your challenges. And we leverage our expertise and technology-driven processes to reduce risk, streamline operations, and provide scalability. Just like we did for Becky and Charter Steel throughout the uncertainty of the pandemic—and we continue to do today as the company grows. Ruan and Charter Steel’s relationship started by getting to know each other and learning that we share the same cultural values, allowing our partnership to grow from a strong foundation. Knowing Charter Steel’s goals and challenges early on helped us to work together to develop solutions that would improve their supply chain processes and allow for supply and demand fluctuations.

We operate from a foundation of trust.

Daikin Partnership Ad

The key to any successful partnership is trust. We seek to cultivate close relationships with our customers to understand what matters the most to them—their pain points, goals for success, key competitors, long-term outlook, and more. By understanding their business, we are able to propose valuable process improvements to advance their operations. Ultimately, we strive to understand a customer’s business as if it were our own—just like we do for Ed and Daikin. Ruan provides Dedicated Contract Transportation and Managed Transportation services for Daikin, the world’s largest manufacturer of HVAC units. Daikin trusted our expertise and optimization capabilities to help them overcome the supply chain challenges they faced, ultimately improving their bottom line and enhancing capacity and utilization.    

We are in it for the long haul.

HNI Partnership Ad

From day one, we work as one. With you and your team. We live your goals. And we help you deliver on your promises. Because we understand your customers count on you—just like Valerie at HNI counts on us. Learning HNI’s goals and business has allowed Jesse and Ruan to identify areas for improvement, and HNI has engaged our expertise to operate an efficient transportation and logistics network for more than three decades. This is the true definition of how Ruan becomes a part of our customers’ teams, and Valerie and Jesse visualize this partnership well.

Connecting people to power performance.

VT Industries Partnership Ad

We dig deep to get to know a customer’s business model. Its challenges. Its goals. Its people—from all areas of the company. When customers entrust us to haul their freight, we ensure the very best people are behind the wheel to treat the products like our own. Dean from Ruan supports Don and VT Industries by ensuring products get to their customers safely and on time, every time. Our professional truck drivers are considered a part of our customer’s team. Our people become an extension of your team, helping to fulfill your goals and power performance.

We are truly thankful for these valued partners who are willing to visually represent the enduring partnerships we’ve cultivated across services and various industries. More than 90 years of experience has given us the expertise, insights, and knowledge to improve supply chain processes for organizations across the United States through our Dedicated Contract Transportation, Managed Transportation, Value-Added Warehousing, and Brokerage Support Services. We strive to become an extension of your team and work together to achieve your goals. When you partner with Ruan, our team is yours.

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