Ruan Attends Voorhees Supply Chain Conference

Oct 13, 2023

Yesterday, several Ruan team members attended the 30th annual Voorhees Supply Chain conference, hosted by Ivy College of Business at Iowa State University, where Eleke Ukpabi, Ruan’s Vice President of Solution Engineering and Strategy, was a featured speaker. 

The event brought in supply chain subject matter experts from Land O’Lakes, Iowa State University, and LogTrade Technology in Sweden. Speakers discussed a variety of topics that affect national and international supply chains, including AI, autonomous vehicles, disruptions, how to weather unfavorable economic conditions, and more.

Ukpabi was the final keynote speaker. He discussed supply chain strategies, especially during times of uncertainty, where adaptability and resilience are key strengths to maintain while looking at the future of distribution networks. Ukpabi stressed the importance of remaining nimble when formulating supply chain strategies, and how working as a collaborative “community” rather than a traditional top-down/pyramid hierarchy can be beneficial for overall company performance.

"The Voorhees Supply Chain Conference marked a milestone this year with the theme of “Strengthening Your Supply Chains in Uncertain Times,'" said Ukpabi. "It was indeed an honor to be a featured speaker, and a privilege to help inspire other industry leaders and practitioners."

The conference was a wonderful opportunity for supply chain professionals to learn from experts in various industries and network with peers. We are fortunate to work with industry experts who are willing to share their knowledge with others.