Ruan Electric Tractor to Participate in Run on Less - Electric Event

Apr 9, 2021 By:

Ruan was recently selected to participate in the North American Council for Freight Efficiency’s (NACFE) Run on Less – Electric event. Run on Less – Electric is a tour and demonstration of 13 electric vehicles and the fleets across the country that utilize them in their operations. 

Ruan’s Orange EV terminal tractor, based at our Otsego, MN, location, will be featured in the tour. The terminal tractor is used 24/7 at the location to move inbound and outbound trailers for our customer. Orange EV builds, sells, and services industrial electric vehicles that eliminate the diesel engine, transmission, and radiator along with the diesel fueling, exhaust, and emission control systems. What remains are far fewer, largely sealed and maintenance-free elements. This means less wear and tear, reducing maintenance, repair, and downtime.

The three-week tour slated for September will feature the 13 zero-emissions vehicles in an effort to educate the industry on the benefits of adding electric vehicles to their fleets, as well as discuss the opportunities and challenges to their widespread deployment. 

“We have had great success adding the electric terminal tractor to our fleet in Otsego,” said Ruan Vice President of Fleet Services Brad Gehring. “It has allowed us to provide uninterrupted service while saving on fuel and maintenance and reducing our impact on the environment. The Run on Less – Electric tour is a great opportunity to share the advancements in electric vehicle industry, and we are excited to showcase how our Orange EV unit performs in a 24/7 environment.”

The Run will start September 3 and wrap up at the North American Commercial Vehicle show in Atlanta, GA, later that month. During the three weeks, NACFE will feature metrics and daily real-world stories on the Run on Less website. NACFE and ACT News are also hosting an Electric Truck Bootcamp, a 10-session training event starting in April and ending in August.  

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