Ruan Implements FourKites Load Tracking to Gain Real-Time Visibility

Feb 23, 2016 By:

Ruan is pleased to announce that we have selected FourKites to provide real-time load tracking across our business divisions that consist of Dedicated Contract Transportation and Supply Chain Solutions.

FourKites platform gathers real-time location information from more than 35 ELD/GPS providers and driver cell phones, including traditional flip phones. It combines that location information with traffic, weather and estimated driver hours of service to provide real-time ETA updates and exception management. Through its integration with our in-house TMS powered by Oracle, FourKites provides Ruan team members with all the information we need to deliver world-class customer service using one system.

“The ELD mandate and smart phones are revolutionizing the logistics landscape, and we are proud to be an integral part of the journey that Ruan is undertaking to create a superior platform for its customers.  With the addition of FourKites, Ruan’s customers have access to the most robust visibility platform on the market to help them save time and streamline logistics operations,” FourKites CEO Matt Elenjickal said in a statement.

Our customer service team said they are looking forward to using this industry-leading technology to proactively manage exceptions and eliminate check calls to dispatchers and drivers. Using FourKites notifications and alerts, Ruan ensures the entire supply chain stays on the same page. The technology keeps customers and warehouse teams informed, reducing surprises at the dock, missed appointments and detention hours.

“FourKites has helped us improve the visibility of the freight we manage on our dedicated assets and with carrier partners and provide the real-time estimated time of arrival information our customers need,” said Senior Vice President of Supply Chain Solutions Marty Wadle. “FourKites as an organization is very flexible, their professionals are easy to work with and their platform allows us to employ a complete event management suite that’s visible to our customers.”