Ruan Named Top Bulk Motor Carrier

Sep 7, 2017 By:

Ruan has been named the Top Bulk Motor Carrier by Logistics Management magazine. This recognition is part of the 34th Annual Quest for Quality program carried out by the publication. 

More than 5,400 qualified buyers of logistics and transportation services participated in a survey and identified 127 providers of transportation and logistics services that excel in various areas of service criteria. To be named a leader in a certain category, the company must receive a minimum of 5 percent of the total votes. 

Ruan and its peers were rated in areas such as on-time performance, value, information technology, customer service and equipment and operations. Ruan’s overall weighted average score was the highest of all other providers in the bulk motor carrier category, with notably high scores in the categories of on-time performance, value, and equipment and operations. 

“It is an honor to be recognized by fellow industry professionals as a leader in this category. The first load John Ruan ever hauled was hand-shoveled gravel. Since then, Ruan has remained the leading supplier of bulk transportation services. This award demonstrates our commitment and expertise in the field that founded this company,” said Dan Van Alstine, president and COO. 

Ruan provides bulk transportation services to shippers nationwide. For the past 85 years, we have been hauling bulk earth products including gravel, sand, lime, cement and soda ash. Ruan has developed state-of-the-art technology that allows us to meet our customers’ needs that vary daily on the construction site. This means that we are working with our customers each day to develop a customized solution to meet their complex and ever-changing requirements. 

In the early 1950s, Ruan began hauling bulk dairy and food-grade products. We haul tens of millions of pounds of bulk dairy from farm to plant every single day. In addition to dairy, Ruan also hauls bulk liquid eggs, wine, edible oils, sweeteners, juices and vinegar. 

To ensure this process is as efficient as possible, Ruan’s professional drivers are assigned to individual customers and run the same equipment, route and cargo each day. Additionally, Ruan’s proprietary RedTrak system, which uses web-enabled mobile devices linked to our dispatch application, gives our drivers the ability to receive real-time dispatch information and submit all data for each individual load using a hand-held device. 

“Ruan developed the RedTrak system to meet our customers' unique and specific requirements. This technology has allowed for us to provide the most accurate and timely service to our bulk dairy and food-grade customers. Timely delivery of these goods is critical, and the RedTrak system allows us to do just that,” said CIO Dan Greteman.