Ruan Partners with Omnitracs

Nov 28, 2018 By:

Ruan is excited to announce our transition to a new technology for electronic logs—Omnitracs’ XRS product. This technology, paired with Ruan’s RedTrak mobile application for order execution, will replace our previous solution at all dedicated fleet operations. This transition offers a number of improvements for Ruan’s professional drivers, including a 50 percent reduction in points of possible failure, data connections using 4G LTE networks, and a shorter learning curve. Our customers will have greater transparency on the status and location of their products, receive real-time data on important updates, and benefit from greater reliability.

What is XRS?

XRS refers to the platform of software and hardware pieces needed to be compliant with Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulations. The platform is very simple and will be operated from either a Samsung Galaxy mobile phone, or Samsung tablet, docked in the cab of each truck based on the needs of each customer. The software used on each phone or tablet is called Omnitracs XRS Mobile, which is an Android based app that allows drivers to login, manage their hours of service, send messages, and communicate with the XRS relay which connects to the diagnostic port on the truck.  

The Omnitracs suite of products, including XRS, has over 1.1 million devices on the road today and 50,000 customers across 70+ countries. Ruan has been using XRS for the past 14 months with over 400 drivers learning and adjusting to the new system. 

What is RedTrak?

The RedTrak mobile platform has been part of Ruan’s dispatching system for more than a decade. In late 2017, we upgraded the platform for Android and modernized the interface. The RedTrak app is where drivers view orders, complete arrival and departure information, and enter load details such as weight and pieces. 

RedTrak allows for an efficient order process, and since this was built by Ruan’s IT team, we are able to quickly make changes and implement improvements to ensure the best possible experience for our team members and customers.