Ruan Providing Virtual Orientation For New Drivers

Apr 2, 2020

Offering virtual orientation training for our new professional drivers is another way Ruan continues to ensure the safety of our team members, while remaining consistent in providing an exceptional onboarding experience.

Now, new Ruan drivers can complete classroom portions of orientation using a phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop. The hands-on portion of orientation training is completed at the driver’s local operation.

“The Driver Training Center team has quickly adjusted to provide the same safety-focused training content using collaboration software. Participants are still able to actively engage with the trainer and each other, watch videos, and complete testing,” says Tyler Fleming, manager of driver training centers.

As a People First organization, Ruan’s primary focus is to provide our team with the tools needed to safely serve our customers. Since our three new Driver Training Centers opened 18 months ago, nearly 800 drivers have completed the orientation. And, Ruan drivers are adjusting well to the virtual training.

One driver said, “I loved being able to attend orientation from the comfort of my home versus driving to Cedartown and staying in a hotel.”