Ruan Renews Women in Trucking Membership

Mar 8, 2022 By:

Ruan has been a proud member of the Women in Trucking association (WIT) since 2017. This non-profit organization helps encourage the employment of women in the trucking industry and looks to minimize obstacles faced by women in the industry. According to FreightWaves, women now make up over 10 percent of over-the-road truck drivers and 43.5 percent of non-executive workforce members (recruiters, managers, dispatchers, corporate and administrative workers, etc.)—the highest percentages ever. Ruan is proud to be a WIT member and to employ many dedicated women as truck drivers, warehouse associates, technicians, dispatchers, operations leaders, corporate team members, and beyond.

Every March, Ruan renews our WIT membership as a way to celebrate Women's History Month and to highlight the ongoing progress that women are still making - within our organization and our industry as a whole. By understanding and acknowledging the accomplishments of women, we can help to break down gender barriers and empower future generations.

Since 1987, America has celebrated Women’s History Month every March to commemorate the often-overlooked role women have played in American history, culture, and society. The 2022 theme is “Women Providing Healing, Promoting Hope,” a tribute to all the female front-line workers and caregivers working tirelessly throughout the pandemic, and to recognize all the ways women have been involved with health care and instilling hope and resilience throughout history. Professional truck drivers are key front-line workers that keep our country moving, and we appreciate all their hard work and dedication throughout the pandemic.

Ruan is a family-owned company dedicated to providing an inclusive work environment where everyone's differences, insights, and experiences are welcomed and appreciated across all levels of the organization. Our inclusive values and national presence bring together team members of all backgrounds, races, genders, ages, religions, and identities. Our guiding principles of People First and Great Place to Work truly come to life when we all support each other in performing at our very best. Therefore, our diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts are an essential part of our Strategic Roadmap, and we will continue to take steps to advance our company in these areas.

There is still more to be done. Ruan remains committed to cultivating a workplace where we listen, educate, and empower a diverse team of transportation and logistics professionals to truly stay Ahead of the Curve. 

Want to join Ruan and WIT in bringing more gender diversity to the trucking industry? Visit to learn more.