Ruan's Mobility Offering Enables Real-Time Freight Visibility

Mar 17, 2021

Technology BodyRuan leverages top-tier transportation, logistics, and warehouse technology integrated with our mobility solution to enable a unique customer experience. We focus on configurable solutions that meet the needs of our customers and professional drivers. A key component of our technology solution is allowing our customers real-time capability to know where their freight is currently in the pickup and delivery process, and when that freight is projected to be picked up or delivered for all stops on a given load.

Ruan’s Freight Visibility portal, accessible by customers 24/7, displays real-time updates on each truck’s physical location, estimated delivery times for future stops, and actual delivery times. Our ETAs are re-evaluated every 15 minutes with updated GPS pings so their accuracy is continually refined. Plus, shipments that are projected to arrive late are highlighted to allow users to make proactive changes and to notify any necessary parties.

Freight visibility is enabled through our custom, driver-oriented mobility application, RedTrak. RedTrak integrates with our electronic logging devices and transportation management systems to ensure hours-of-service compliance while also providing dispatch details. The use of a single, integrated application adds efficiency, productivity, and convenience for our team members and customers.

Our professional drivers interact with this intuitive, configurable, and easy-to-use mobile platform for a seamless delivery process. From wherever they are serving their customer, drivers can manage their hours of service, send and receive messages, and even start equipment diagnostics. RedTrak automatically captures departure information and calculates ETAs in real-time and complies with each customer’s billing and performance reporting specifications.

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