Run on Less - Electric Final Report: The Use Case for Terminal Tractors

Mar 7, 2022 By:

Ruan is proud to have participated in the North American Council for Freight Efficiency’s (NACFE) Run on Less – Electric event using our Orange EV terminal tractor. Run on Less – Electric was a tour and demonstration of 13 electric vehicles and the fleets across the country that utilize them in their operations. NACFE has released the first market segment report focusing on what they learned about terminal tractors during the event.

According to NACFE, Run on Less – Electric demonstrated that in the terminal tractor market segment, the technology is mature enough for fleets to make investments in battery electric terminal tractors. NACFE considers terminal tractors to be “the best” path for fleet owners to learn about and implement fully electric tucks. During the Run event, electric terminal trucks handled 1,692 deliveries over a distance of 6,900 miles and saved 11.72 tons of CO2.

Check out this video to hear stories from Run on Less – Electric participants, including Ruan Operations Leader Burt Fosse and driver Conrad Hanson:

In September 2020, Ruan in-serviced our first fully electric Orange EV terminal truck at our warehouse in Otsego, MN. Since then, the truck has been utilized 24/7 to move inbound and outbound trailers for our customer Bobcat. Because the unit generates less noise, heat, and vibration than diesel tractors, drivers enjoy a better working environment that contributes to less fatigue and safety incidents. Ruan has also found that the regenerative braking technology makes the ride smoother and significantly reduces the wear and tear to tires and brakes—especially compared to a diesel unit in operation for the same amount of time.

“We have had great success adding the electric terminal tractor to our fleet in Otsego,” said Ruan Vice President of Fleet Services Brad Gehring. “It has allowed us to provide uninterrupted service while saving on fuel and maintenance and reducing our impact on the environment. The Run on Less – Electric tour was a great opportunity to share the advancements in electric vehicle industry, and we are excited to showcase how our Orange EV unit performs in a 24/7 environment.”

Read the full NACFE report: