The Benefits of a Privately Owned Logistics Partner

Sep 6, 2023

Ruan is one of the largest privately owned, asset-based 3PLs in the U.S. with over 300 nationwide operations. Driven to provide exceptional service to our customers and be a great place to work for our teams, Ruan excels at offering customized transportation solutions tailored to meet each customers’ unique business requirements. Here are some key advantages of choosing Ruan as your dedicated logistics partner.

Tailored Solutions

Ruan prioritizes customization to meet your unique business requirements. We understand that each client has distinct needs, and we strive to deliver personalized transportation solutions that align with your goals and objectives. Our team will work closely with you to understand your specific logistics challenges and design a strategy that maximizes efficiency and adds value.

Dedicated Support

Ruan is committed to providing exceptional customer service and expertise. You’ll have a dedicated account manager and logistics team who will work closely with you, ensuring prompt and clear communication. Your dedicated logistics team will work to fully understand your specific requirements and manage your daily business processes, control operational expectations, source proper capacity, manage scheduling and tendering, and monitor your shipments—all with a focus on collaboration and continuous improvement.

Flexibility and Scalability

We understand that as your business grows, so do your logistics needs. Our scalable solutions are designed to grow with you, accommodating increased volumes, expanded geographical reach, and new market demands. Once we develop a supply chain strategy, we skillfully implement a customized design combining the best of current providers, Ruan partners, and our company assets for the optimal service and cost solution. With Ruan, your supply chain will remain agile and responsive to market dynamics, giving you a competitive edge.

Specialized Expertise

With over 90 years of experience in the industry, Ruan has acquired specialized knowledge in various sectors. Regardless of your industry—food, beverage, grocery, retail, metals, manufacturing, chemicals, or more—we can leverage our deep understanding to provide tailored logistics solutions that drive your business forward.

Focus on Enduring Partnerships

Ruan prioritizes building long-term relationships with our clients. We are not driven by short-term financial performance metrics for shareholders. Rather, we focus on nurturing partnerships based on trust, reliability, and mutual growth. This commitment to enduring partnerships can lead to enhanced collaboration, better understanding of our clients’ needs, and customer satisfaction.

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