Three Questions to Ask Your 3PL

Mar 27, 2018 By:

Marty Wadle, Ruan's senior vice president of Supply Chain Solutions, was recently featured in Global Trade Magazine’s article highlighting thought leaders in the third-party logistics industry. Wadle spoke about how technology is evolving the services offered by 3PLs, Ruan’s Integrated Solutions, and the questions a 3PL vendor should ask prospective clients. Read the full interview below and the full article on the Global Trade Magazine website.

How is technology changing the scope of services 3PLs can offer their clients?

Ruan has mobile applications that support multiple fleet business segments. We have equipped our business and customers with feature-rich mobile applications for more than a decade. Our team has the capability to provide our Dedicated Contract Transportation customers with a mobile app that closely matches their specific company processes and information. The customized app is deployed to Ruan professional drivers, creating a cohesive operating platform.

One of the most effective measures for significant cost savings for an organization is implementation of a transportation management system. Ruan models and simulates varied transportation solutions with our customized, integrated TMS platform built on leading supply chain technologies.

When should shippers be more concerned about value-added service and less driven by rates?

When it’s a complex operation that requires and integrated solution, we can drive efficiencies that in the end save more money than just a rate-based provider with fewer capabilities. Ruan’s Integrated Solutions are driven by a superior platform, unmatched expert teams, and applied best-practice execution. Our core Integrated Solutions services are backed by our integrity as an asset-based 3PL designing the best-fit options for the customer. The Ruan team collaborates with our customers to evaluate, optimize, and deliver a one-source transportation solution focused on continuous improvement, cost reduction initiatives, and overall supply chain efficiency.

What are three questions a shipper should ask a potential 3PL vendor?

Why are you a better fit for us than your competition?

How do your core competencies add value to our business operations?

What is your fundamental business philosophy and sustaining principles?