Top Five Benefits of Hiring an Asset-Based 3PL

Feb 5, 2019 By:

Ruan's Integrated Supply Chain Solutions combine the flexibility of our non-asset and asset-based capabilities with optimal technology and superior service focused on continuous improvement, cost savings, and supply chain efficiency. The Ruan team partners with customers to evaluate, optimize, and deliver a one-source supply chain solution. Through Dedicated Contract Transportation (DCT), Managed Transportation, and Value-added Warehousing, we can create the optimal transportation design for you. 

Partner with Ruan, and you’ll reap these benefits:

  1. Expertise—From our systems administrators and operations leaders to logistics specialists and procurement analysts, we’re all experts in different facets of the complex transportation industry. Partner will us, and we’ll find the best transportation solution for your company. Then we’ll manage it to the best of our abilities every day.

  2. Efficiency—We have the people, processes, and platform needed to operate your supply chain efficiently so you’ll see benefits to your bottom line. You’ll get better service levels for your customers at a lower cost than trying to do it yourself.

  3. Technology—Ruan employs the most innovative, up-to-date transportation management technology in the industry—and the in-house experts to operate it—in order to offer our clients customized, efficient transportation solutions.

  4. Core Competency Focus—By outsourcing, your employees will be freed to focus on their core competencies, on what they do best. Let us focus on transportation—it’s what we do best.

  5. Scalability—If your business grows (since your team members will be focusing exclusively on it rather than transportation), asset-based 3PLs like Ruan can handle the additional freight—either on company operated assets or by managing the logistics of outside carriers, which go through a thorough qualification process before contracting with Ruan.

So what are you waiting for? Contact one of our supply chain experts and explore your options with Ruan’s Integrated Solutions. | 866-782-6669