Use Your Mirrors: Stay Alert and Informed of Your Surroundings

Jun 27, 2016

Rule four of the Megasafe7 Rules of Safe Driving is Use Your Mirrors. Mirrors are critical in every direction of movement as they allow you to see the space around your truck. Check your mirrors to see who is entering and exiting the space around you, to clear the areas beside your truck and to help avoid day-dreaming and highway hypnosis.

Checking your mirrors only works if you move not only your eyes, but also your head. Look at a different mirror every five to nine seconds. Utilize every mirror available, and develop a pattern to ensure you are continuously checking each one. A sample pattern would be right mirror, front window, left mirror, front window, gauges and front window.

Use Your Mirrors

One of the most important times you will need to use mirrors is when backing. In addition to referencing each every mirror, always Get Out And Look (G.O.A.L.). It only takes one minute to walk entirely around your unit, so don’t skip this crucial step. Mirrors can also assist in checking for tire issues and loose straps, ropes or chains.