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The Power of And.

Dedicated Contract Carriage. And Logistics Management. And Bulk Transportation. And more. That's Integrated Solutions—handled for you by Ruan. 

And. That's a word you will hear a lot when you talk to Ruan about Integrated Solutions. Dedicated Contract Carriage and logistics. Warehouse management and subassembly. Supply chain optimization and certified brokerage services. Our Integrated Solutions service offering encompasses it all, providing our customers the ideal combination of asset- and non-asset-based solutions that get your products from point A to point B safely and efficiently. 

Ruan provides the best of both worlds, delivering services designed to guarantee load coverage and to manage carriers, mode selection and warehousing. These services are coupled with advanced technology to provide industry-leading supply chain event management and workflow, rich analytics, quarterly Key Performance Indicator (KPI) reporting and a sophisticated transportation planning engine.

Our customer partnerships are based on trust and integrity. We consult with you to design a solution that makes the most sense for your company. Sometimes that means using many of our services; sometimes that means using a few. But it always results in a supply chain that operates safely and smoothly. And, it gives you the ability to focus on your core business.  

That's Integrated Solutions—creating the optimal supply chain solution you need to be more competitive—handled by Ruan. It's what we've been delivering for more than 81 years. It's what we can deliver for you.



Ruan Corporate Headquarters

3200 Ruan Center

666 Grand Ave,

Des Moines, Iowa 50309

(866) 782-6669

Ruan Corporate Headquarters