Flex Debit Cards (for Flexible Spending Accounts)

Frequently Asked Questions

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1.   What is the flex debit card?

The flex debit card is tied to your health account and electronically accesses your funds. It enables you to pay for eligible expenses at the time of service instead of having to pay out-of-pocket, file a claim form and wait for reimbursement.

2.   How does the flex debit card work? 

Simply present the debit card to any qualified provider or merchant that accepts MasterCard. The amount of the eligible expense will be deducted from your account, up to your annual pledge, and transferred to the provider for immediate payment.

3.   Do I need a personal identification number (PIN) to use my card?

No. The debit card is a signature card; you do not need a PIN to use it. If a provider asks for a PIN, ask them to process the payment as a credit rather than a debit transaction.

4.   How do I order/request a flex debit card for my account? 

When enrolling online for a flex account,two debit cards will automatically be requested.


5.   Can I order a second card for my spouse/dependent?

Yes, you may order extra cards by contacting Voya Financial at 1-833-232-4673.


6.   Is there a spending limit on my flex debit card?

Transactions may be used up to your annual pledged amount on health accounts; dependent care FSA accounts up to your current contribution balance. The debit card does not allow partial transactions. If you know your account balance is less than the expense, ask the provider to charge up to the available account balance on the card and then use an alternate form of payment for the difference.


7.   Do I need to submit a claim form for debit card expenses?

In most cases, the transactions are automatically adjudicated. However, it is important to keep your receipts for all transactions. Additional documentation is required in some cases in order to meet IRS guidelines. You will receive a notice if you are required to substantiate the expense. 


8.   Do I need to save all my receipts?

Yes. Save all itemized bills/receipts related to your flex account along with any debit card transactions used for payment. You may receive a request from Voya asking for supporting documentation about debit card charges that could not be verified as an eligible expense at the point of sale. Note that failure to submit requested receipts may result in the suspension of your debit card. 


9.   What if I don't have my itemized receipt? 

Ask your provider or pharmacy for a statement listing the procedure or name of the drug you received, the date of service and the amount of the expense. If you have a Ruan medical plan, you may also download an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) statement using the online member tools at www.mywellmark.com. Both of these documents can be used to verify debit card purchases.


10.   Must I use the debit card to access my account?

No. You may choose to not to have a debit card and instead file individual claims.


11.   Will I receive a statement of my debit card transactions?

No, but you can view a listing of your withdrawals by logging into your Voya participant site. Transactions are posted within 48 hours.


12.   What should I do if my flex debit card is declined?

You may pay the expense out-of-pocket and submit a paper claim. Your card may have been declined due to an insufficient account balance or an ineligible merchant type. Contact Voya at 1-833-232-4673 to verify the reason your card was declined.

13.   Can I use the flex debit card to pay for dependent care FSA expenses? 

Yes, a flex debit card will be issued for your dependent care FSA account.

14.   What happens to my debit card account at the end of the year?

The flex debit card can be used for several years, provided you have a valid flex election, thereby reducing the need to reissue a card each year. Any new annual pledge will be automatically  loaded to the card on the effective date. If you are using the grace period to use up prior year's balance, you may use your current card to draw funds from your previous year's balance through the end of the grace period. If you did not re-elect a health care FSA for the new year, your card will be disabled and you must complete a paper claim form to get reimbursed for prior year's expenses.


15.   What should I do if I lose my flex debit card?

Immediately call Wage Works at 1-877-924-3967 to report a lost or stolen card. They will cancel the card and issue a new one. Note that you may be charged a replacement fee.

16.   What should I do if I do not recognize a flex debit card transaction?

If you do not recognize a transaction as one you have authorized, contact Wage Works at 1-877-924-3967.

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Please call the Human Resources Hotline at 1-800-845-6675 option 4.