Ruan Benefits Program

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Educational Materials

The following educational materials are designed to help you understand the various options available under the Ruan benefits program. You may view/print each document by clicking on the title.


View the digital e-book, flip-book style, of the Employee Benefits Guide.

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Express Scripts Pharmacy— Ruan's pharmacy benefits are administered by Express Scripts.  Answers to most questions on your pharmacy benefits is available at

Doctor On Demand— All Ruan medical plans include free virtual visits through Doctor On Demand.  Talk to a qualified, network provider on your schedule, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

VSP Vision Plan— ID cards are not issued for the vision plan, so please refer to this handy Vision Plan Flyer.  Page two names the VSP Advantage Network along with a summary of plan benefits. 

Voluntary Benefits

Voluntary benefits help you fill in the financial gaps that may come with an unexpected illness or injury.  In the event of a covered condition, these plans provide a lump-sum cash payout that is tax-free. Use the funds to pay the added expense of a health plan deductible or co-insurance, or to pay for other living expenses such as rent, utilities or groceries.  All voluntary benefits are administered by Voya Financial.


Accident Insurance— provides a payment based on a schedule of benefits for treatments and health care services that occur due to a non-work related accident or injury.  You are also eligible for a $75 wellness benefit just for receiving a qualifying preventive screening.


Critical Illness— pays a lump sum payment based on a diagnosis of a covered illness. There is no pre-existing condition, however the date of diagnosis must be while coverage was in effect.  You have the choice of enrolling in a $10,000, $20,000, or $30,000 level plan, plus you may enroll your eligible spouse (100% benefit) and  children (50% benefit).  You are also eligible for a $75 wellness benefit just for receiving a qualifying preventive screening.


Hospital Indemnity— pays a benefit in the event of a hospital stay for a covered illness, injury, procedure or pregnancy.  You receive a flat amount for admission to a hospital or critical care unit along with a per-day benefit for each day you are confined, up to a maximum of 30 days.  You may choose between a Low plan or a High plan.


More Helpful Resources

MyHealthMoney— a free, online health benefits support tool.  Answer a few questions and let MyHealthMoney compare your Ruan options, calculate estimated costs, and suggest a personalized benefits package.  MyHealthMoney does not provide legal advice but is intended to provide educational guidance. 

Working Spouse Exclusion Rule— A working spouse who is eligible for qualified coverage through their employer may not be enrolled in a Ruan medical plan.  For a full definition of "working spouse" please view the Working Spouse flyer.

Benefits for the Part-Time Team Member— An overview of the eligibility requirements and benefit offerings for part-time employees.

Voya H.S.A. Custodial Agreement (Terms & Conditions)— A Health Savings Account is a bank account owned by the employee.  Like any other financial institution, the account owner must agree to the bank's terms and conditions.  You will notify Voya of your agreement during your online account registration with Voya.  If you do not complete this process and agree to their terms and conditions, Voya will not open an H.S.A. account for you.

Life Portability or Conversion— A side-by-side comparison of your life insurance continuation options should you leave Ruan or otherwise lose eligibility.  Note you must apply for port or conversion within 31 days of loss of coverage.

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