Ruan Benefits Program

Please review the enrollment materials and/or web videos below. Once you've decided on a benefits package, follow the login instructions on the Ready to Enroll page.

Educational Materials

The following educational materials are designed to help you understand the various options available under the Ruan benefits program. You may view/print each document by clicking on the title.

Employee Benefits Guide booklet - An overview of each benefit plan including health plans, pre-tax savings accounts, disability benefits, life insurance, 401(k) retirement plan and more.

Pricing Guide - Premium prices for 2021. If you have a different pay cycle than listed, your payroll deductions will be prorated accordingly.

Health Plan Comparison Charts - A one page, condensed chart of the medical, dental, and vision plans.

Web Presentations

To view a presentation simply click on the appropriate link. To hear the audio portion, have your computer's volume turned up or use external speakers/headphones. Videos average four to six minutes.

Medical Plan Options (5:30) Working Spouse Exclusion Rule (3:23)

Light Medical (2:59) Flexible Spending Accounts (5:24)

Basic Medical (4:34) Health Savings Accounts (HSA)

Choice Savings Medical (4:40) Premier Medical (2:09)

Helpful Resources

How to Access Wellmark's Drug List Working Spouse Exclusion

Delta Dental "To Go" flyer Vision Plan Flyer

Doctor on Demand Virtual Visit BenXpress Mobile App Instructions

Wellness Reimbursement Form

MyHealthMoney a free, online benefits support tool. By answering a few simple questions, MyHealthMoney will compare your Ruan options, calculate estimated costs, and suggest a personalized benefits package. It will also show how other benefit combinations may affect your costs should you prefer a medical plan with a cheaper premium or one with a higher level of coverage.

This tool uses broad assumptions based on your answers on how frequently you'll use your health care benefits and financial risk tolerances. MyHealthMoney does not provide legal advice but is intended to provide educational guidance. You should thoroughly review any suggested plans plus potential costs you may be responsible for such as deductibles, co-pays/co-insurance and out-of-pocket maximums.

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