2019 Ruan Benefits

Please review the enrollment materials and/or web videos below.  Once you've decided on a benefits package, follow the login instructions on the "Ready to Enroll" screen.

Educational Materials

The following educational materials are designed to help you understand the various options available under the Ruan benefits program.  You may view/print each document by clicking on the title.

  • Employee Benefits Guide booklet-An overview of each benefit plan including health plans, pre-tax savings accounts, disability benefits, life insurance, 401(k) retirement plan and more.

  • Pricing Guide-Premium prices for 2019. If you have a different pay cycle than listed, your payroll deductions will be prorated accordingly.

  • How to Access Wellmark's Drug List-check Wellmark's drug list to see which drug tier your medication is under or if it is classified as a "preventive" medication.

  • Working Spouse Exclusion-Eligibility rules and definition of a "working spouse".

  • HSA New Account Application- Pair your Basic Medical plan with a Health Savings Account (HSA) to help pay for out-of-pocket medical expenses on a pre-tax basis.  Fax your initial paperwork to Ruan Benefits at 515-558-3497 or e-mail it to benefits@ruan.com

  • Vision Plan- ID cards are not issued for the vision plan, so please reference this flyer about the vision plan provider and a brief summary of the plan benefits.

Don't forget to check our our extensive list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)!

Web Presentations

To view one or more of the following presentations, simply click on the appropriate link. To hear the audio portion, make sure you have your computer's volume turned up or are using external speakers/headphones.  Videos average four to six minutes.

Medical Plan Options                              Working Spouse Exclusion            

Light Medical  

Basic Medical                                          Health Savings Accounts

Choice Savings Medical      Flexible Spending Accounts 

Premier Medical  

Ready to make your 2019 elections?  Follow the login instructions posted under the "Ready to Enroll" page. 


Call the Human Resources Hotline at 1-800-845-6675 option 4, or e-mail benefits@ruan.com.