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Frequently Asked Questions

If your question is not addressed below, please call the Human Resources Hotline at 1-800-845-6675 option 4 or e-mail benefits@ruan.com


1.   Does Ruan provide disability benefits?

Yes. Team members eligible for the Ruan benefits program receive both free short-term and long-term disability benefits for non-work-related illnesses or injuries. The amount of your benefit depends on your job classification. Please refer to your Employee Benefits Guide for details.   


2.   Can I increase the company's disability benefit?

Eligible drivers, mechanics and warehouse workers may elect Supplemental Short-Term Disability (STD) coverage that would raise the benefit maximum to 60 percent of wages.  All eligible full-time workers may elect Supplemental Long-Term disability (LTD) for a maximum 60 percent of wages.  Note that new hires may elect Supplemental LTD without medical underwriting or evidence of insurability during their initial enrollment period.  However any future LTD elections will be subject to medical underwriting and must be approved by the insurance carrier before coverage can begin.


3.   How long will my disability benefits last?

After a seven-day waiting period, short-term disability benefits begin on the eighth day and may continue for up to 26 weeks from the date of disability. If you are still disabled after 26 weeks, you may be eligible for the long-term disability plan. Long-term benefits vary in length based on the type and severity of the disability.


4.   Does the company provide life insurance?

Yes. Team members eligible for the program receive free life insurance equal to one times your annual wages (maximum $50,000). This core benefit also provides additional coverage for accidental death and dismemberment, a seat belt benefit and accelerated death benefits.


5.   Does the company provide spouse insurance?

Yes. Team members eligible for the Ruan benefits program receive $1,000 in free spouse life insurance.


6.   Can I add to the company provided life/spouse life insurance?

Yes. Employees may purchase additional coverage on themselves. Plus, if you have supplemental coverage on yourself, you are eligible to purchase coverage on your spouse and children. Note that in some cases your election may be subject to underwriting approval (or Evidence of Insurability) before coverage is active.  Please refer to your Employee Benefits Guide for details.


7.   Does the company offer an employee assistance program (EAP)?

Yes. Our EAP service provider is a confidential resource that offers consultation, information and personalized referrals. Counselors may assist with topics such as child care, substance abuse, family relationships, elder care, financial planning and more. Services are available 24/7.  Please refer to the EAP flyer posted on the employee Hub under Benefits > Additional Perks for details on how to access this service.  


8.   Will Ruan reimburse my gym membership or weight loss program?

Ruan's Wellness Reimbursement program will reimburse 50 percent up to $200 per year per family for fitness facility fees, weight loss programs or smoking cessation programs. For more details please reference the Wellness Reimbursement flyer posted on the employee Hub under Additional Features, or call the Human Resources Hotline at 1-800-845-6675.


9.   Does Ruan offer a referral bonus program?

Yes. The company encourages team members to refer and recommend quality applicants for possible employment. If the candidate you refer is hired, you receive a bonus up to $1,000 for drivers and technicians or $500 for all other positions. For more details please visit the Employee Referral Program section of the employee Hub.


10.   Are there any vendor discounts offered to team members?

Employees may qualify for discounts on hundreds of goods and services through the Ruan Discount Marketplace, powered by BenefitHub. For more information, go to the Ruan Hub and click on Benefits > Additional Perks.  The Ruan Discount Marketplace information will include a link to the marketplace along with first time registration instructions. 

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Please call the Human Resources Hotline at 1-800-845-6675 option 4.