How to Avoid Early Onset Fatigue this Winter Season

Nov 30, 2016 By:

One of the most dangerous aspects of winter driving is the early onset of fatigue thanks to fewer daylight hours. While we are all aware that fatigue sets in at different stages based on a number of different factors, the pressure and stress of winter driving will cause fatigue to set in earlier than during other times of the year. 

Studies suggest that depending on the weather, a driver will see signs of fatigue set in 10 to 12 percent earlier than during periods of clear, dry weather. Factors such as proper rest, mental and emotional pressures, activities you perform and the time of day you are working all contribute to the onset of fatigue. 

     Prepare to be safe

Wintertime driving requires you to be at the top of your game. Being alert and aware of activity around you is critical to staying safe. Therefore, avoiding the effects of fatigue is critical.

You can win the battle over fatigue by following these suggestions:

  • Get seven to eight hours of uninterrupted sleep each day

  • Start your work week well rested and prepared

  • Avoid soda and energy drinks

  • Avoid all caffeinated drinks (result in a quick high but bad low)

  • Eat a healthy and balanced diet

  • Eat a nutritious breakfast

  • Exercise every day

  • Create an “ideal” sleep environment

Staying safe this winter is critical to our success. By being diligent and aware, making good decisions, not taking chances, knowing when it is time to get off the road and getting sufficient rest will help ensure your safety success.

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