Ruan Celebrates First Graduate of Technician Apprenticeship Program

Aug 3, 2022

Ruan is pleased to congratulate Jesus Rodriguez, who operates out of Ruan’s San Antonio, TX, shop, for being the first graduate of Ruan’s Technician Apprenticeship Program. The three-year apprenticeship program has provided Rodriguez hands-on training from veteran diesel mechanics, allowed him to work on the best late-model equipment in the trucking industry, and equipped him with Snap-on tools to use during his apprenticeship and after graduation from the program. To celebrate his completion of the apprenticeship program, Rodriquez enjoyed a team lunch and outing that featured a golf driving session. Rodriguez will now continue working as a full-time technician in Ruan’s shop and will likely have an opportunity to train future technicians!

The three-year paid Ruan Technician Apprenticeship Program is broken down into 12 quarters. At the completion of each quarter, the apprentice must successfully complete a structured learning assessment for that quarter and demonstrate that his or her skills are improving. Upon successful completion of the three-year apprenticeship, the tools will be available to the apprentice for years to come while employed with Ruan, and he or she will be promoted to the level of Technician II.

“The program is great for anyone looking to start a new career or make a career change. Ruan provides the tools for career longevity,” said Service Manager Ezra Bunnell. “Jesus was a diamond in the rough that we were lucky to find. He was dedicated and devoted to getting through the program, keeping pace with the education and hands-on training, which made him easy to lead. We’re pleased to have him continue on as a full-time technician.”

We had an opportunity to chat with Rodriguez about Ruan’s Technician Apprenticeship Program. Check it out!Jesus Rodriguez

Q: What drove you to apply for the Technician Apprenticeship Program?

In my previous job, I had worked my way up and was looking for a challenge. I met a Ruan employee during technician school who urged me to apply to be a diesel technician. The opportunity arose for the apprenticeship program, and it ended up being a great choice.

Q: What was the apprenticeship program like as you started?

At first, it was like any new process, ironing out the details and understanding expectations. Once I was settled in, everything became natural to me. The courses and trainers set you up for success!

Q: What would you say to someone who is considering applying for the apprenticeship program?

If you choose to go down this road, be prepared to invest a considerable amount of time and be determined to take the work seriously to become a successful diesel technician. Once you’re in it, it’s a great job that I would highly recommend.

Q: Why do you think people should explore being a technician as a career path?

No matter how things change, trucks will still be on the road and need to be continually maintained. Being in the technician industry is a stable career and is consistent across the country. Within Ruan, there are many opportunities to leverage your skills as a technician!

Q: What are common misconceptions about being a technician?

People are intimidated working with a big piece of equipment and assume it will be harder work. However, if they are willing take the time to learn new skills and put in the work, they will succeed with the knowledge and tools provided by Ruan.

Thank you for your hard work and dedication, Jesus! Congratulations!

If you are interested in learning more about the Ruan Technician Apprenticeship Program, check out our website: Ruan Technician Apprenticeship Program.