Ruan's Value is Invaluable: Experience

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Selecting a supply chain partner is a difficult decision for shippers. You want to ensure that a capable, experienced, and safe third-party logistics provider (3PL) is managing your loads—your hard work and dedication. Of course, no two 3PLs are the same, and many factors play into your decision. Your decision should go beyond the bottom line. Shippers might ask the following questions when selecting a company to manage their supply chain

  1. Does this provider have the experience to manage my supply chain efficiently?
  2. Will this 3PL do what’s right, even when no one is looking?
  3. Does the 3PL’s technology system allow for network optimization and visibility?
  4. Will my goods arrive safety and be handled with precision and respect?

Ultimately, a supply chain partnership is more than cost. It’s about added value. Ruan's Integrated Solutions offer it all, from Dedicated Contract Transportation (DCT) to Supply Chain Solutions (SCS) to Value-Added Warehousing (VAW). Through our superior technology, experienced, safe team members, and process focused on continuous improvement, we build the best solution possible for your business. In this four-part blog series, we’ll highlight ways that Ruan adds value in the areas of experience, integrity, technology, and safety.

Supply Chain and Transportation Experience

With more than 87 years of leadership in the transportation industry, Ruan is well positioned to move any kind of freight—and to do so safely, efficiently, and on time. Ruan’s operational experts are seasoned in many verticals, including retail, manufacturing, food and beverages, metals, industrial gases and chemicals, food processing, and dairy, to name a few.

Ruan has cultivated a team of experts specializing in everything from safety and transportation management technology to training and operational support. Not only does Ruan provide customized solutions for each customer, but we constantly review our solutions for potential improvements and adjust plans to utilize the latest in equipment and technology. This high level of expertise also extends to start-ups. You can be confident Ruan will implement new business in the least disruptive manner possible, and scheduled loads will continue to be on time—business as usual.

We strive to provide value with our ongoing commitment to continuous improvement. We survey our customers annually with a Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSAT) to gauge our performance, focused on identifying areas for improvement. Everyone dedicated to serving the customer—from our CEO to local managers—collaborates with the customer to create action plans going forward. We approach each partnership with this commitment to getting better every day.

Our experience and expertise are just one component of how Ruan adds value to our customer partnerships.

Check back for more on our unwavering commitment to acting with integrity in all that we do; our powerful technology and the experts behind it; and how safety is foundational to Ruan culture.

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Ultimately, the value we provide is invaluable.