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Selecting a supply chain partner is a difficult decision for shippers. You want to ensure that a capable, experienced, and safe third-party logistics provider (3PL) is managing your loads—your hard work and dedication. Of course, no two 3PLs are the same, and many factors play into your decision. Your decision should go beyond the bottom line. Shippers might ask the following questions when selecting a company to manage their supply chain

1.      Does this provider have the experience to manage my supply chain efficiently?

2.      Will this 3PL do what’s right, even when no one is looking?

3.      Does the 3PL’s technology system allow for network optimization and visibility?

4.      Will my goods arrive safely and be handled with precision and respect?

Ultimately, a supply chain partnership is more than cost. It’s about added value. Ruan's Integrated Solutions offer it all, from Dedicated Contract Transportation (DCT) to Supply Chain Solutions (SCS) to Value-Added Warehousing (VAW). Through our superior technology, experienced, safe team members, and process focused on continuous improvement, we build the best solution possible for your business. In this four-part blog series, we’ll highlight ways that Ruan adds value in the areas of experience, integrity, technology, and safety.

Safety is Our Focus

Everything we do at Ruan, we approach with a safety mindset. Safety Focus is our first Guiding Principle, which is reflected in our robust Megasafe training program and our team of safety professionals. Our commitment to safety is well known throughout the industry, as Ruan was awarded the American Trucking Associations’ President’s Trophy in the over 100 million miles category. The President’s Trophy is the highest safety award available to motor carriers in the United States and is presented annually to only three motor carriers. The award goes to fleets that demonstrate innovative approaches to safety and go above and beyond to keep the highways safe.

Our robust Megasafe Safety Program includes a variety of elements that guide our Safety Focus in all that we do. Megasafe drives mandatory quarterly Impact Meetings that all team members attend; customer and team member communications; content in newsletters, posters, bulletins, and home mailings; new driving onboarding and orientation; boot and personal protective equipment (PPE) programs; and many other initiatives.

All of our decisions must be made with safety in mind—the safety of our drivers, technicians, warehouse workers, our partners, and the motoring public, as well as our equipment and customers’ products. We instill in our team members a “Captain of the Ship” mentality, where the “ship” is a tractor, forklift, shop, or our job. We empower our team members—as captains—with the responsibility to make the right choices.

All team members are expected to be professionals who continuously prepare themselves to safely perform their roles and take responsibility for creating and maintaining a safe environment. Investing in equipment, technology, training, processes, and tools that make our work safer is a key component of preparing to be safe.

Ruan is investing in new trucks equipped with advanced technology designed to assist the driver in avoiding accidents—either by activating controls on the truck or allowing fleet managers to coach drivers on certain risky behaviors. Collision mitigation and roll stability systems on the trucks alert drivers if they are not maintaining proper following distance, if they depart a lane, or are speeding. In some cases, the technology activates brake pressure when a driver is slow to react to conditions on the roadway, like a sudden stop ahead. Those units equipped with a collision safety system have fewer rear-end, merging, and lane change accidents than those not equipped with the systems. Ruan utilizes the provided data on driver performance to coach drivers to improve safety and key performance indicators (KPI) like mpg.

We are also testing road-facing and driver-facing dashboard cameras, which give managers the ability to view and record real-time driver performance. Onboard video event recorder systems link into a truck’s engine to record video clips before and after exception-based events such as speeding, forward collision warnings, harsh braking, lane departure alerts, and collisions. Those videos may then be accessed for driver coaching or for litigation in the case of an accident.

Even when customers’ freight is not hauled on Ruan's own assets, we do everything to ensure their product is safe using a robust carrier qualification and development program. Standardized carrier onboarding includes a thorough review of carrier safety, authority, insurance, and service performance. Once approved, carriers are subject to a formalized review process, and we continue to monitor safety performance throughout a partnership. In our warehouses, we comply with all OSHA requirements, utilize late-model forklift equipment, and have extensive protocol for navigating the space on foot.

Ultimately, everything we do has no value if it is not done safely. Contact us today to learn how your company can benefit from a company that puts safety first.

The value we provide is invaluable. 

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