7 Reasons Ruan Transportation is the Best Trucking Company to Drive For (Infographic)

Oct 22, 2014

Ruan is one of the nation’s largest privately held, family owned transportation companies. As part of the Ruan team, our truck drivers are not just another number but are more like an extension of the Ruan family.

Check out seven more reasons Ruan is the best company to drive for and why YOU should become a part of America’s finest fleet!

ruan transportation best truck driver jobs infographic

1. Most Important Assets

Our customers and contacts extend into nearly every industry, ranging from metals to grocery to dairy and beyond! Among these loyal customers are some of the largest, most respected organizations in the world.

Our professional truck drivers are more than just a part of this success—they are essential to it. With Ruan’s dedicated fleet opportunities, Ruan drivers are primarily assigned to a single customer, which puts them in the perfect position to gain an understanding of our customers and their supply chains, and help us optimize them. We value our drivers’ suggestions for improving processes and customer service.

2. Family Friendly Opportunities

Working with a single customer provides predictable schedules that keep our professional truck drivers close to home. More than 60 percent of our drivers are home every night, and nearly all of our drivers are home multiple times per week. That makes for very satisfied drivers—and is one of the many reasons our driver retention rate is five times the industry average. Plus, we offer a free health benefits option for our drivers and their families.

3. A Tradition of Safety

Ruan was the first carrier in the transportation industry to introduce a formal safety program. Safety training is as important to us today as it was when it was introduced in the mid-1940s. Upon hiring, drivers receive in-depth training in Ruan’s proprietary Megasafe Safety Program. Our safety team ensures you have the proper training and certification for hauling special materials if necessary as well. Drivers also receive quarterly safety training, where our safety team discusses important seasonal trends or processes, including how to conduct proper pre-trip inspections, safe winter driving tips and how to accurately assess intersections.

4. Recognizing The Finest Fleet

Ruan takes pride in recognizing our professional truck drivers—the company’s most important assets. Our annual Driver of the Year program recognizes the top drivers at each terminal and names a Driver of the Year from the group. Our Megasafe Awards and Recognition Program showcases drivers and mechanics for safe driving and safe working each year. We are proud to honor truck drivers with Million Mile Awards. Additionally, our Ruan Recognition Program allows managers and employees alike to recognize team members for their outstanding contributions.   

Check out what our 2013 Driver of the Year Region Winners have to say about Ruan and the Driver of the Year program.

5. A Great Team

With headquarters in Des Moines, Iowa, Ruan has more than 5,100 team members who operate and service 3,300 power units and 5,500 trailers across the country. Ruan’s national network of more than 260 operations offers many benefits to our drivers. Our 82-year history and continued growth provide security and peace of mind. Plus, each location is managed by local managers who focus on your needs and the needs of the local fleet.

Our team is determined to ensure your success, and you’ll have the 24/7 support of our customer service and risk teams in Des Moines to make that happen.

6. The Best Equipment

All of our truck drivers are provided with well-maintained, late-model equipment. Many of our locations have on-site mechanics and technicians to ensure that our tractors and trailers are in top-notch condition before you head out on the road. If there is a problem, we will fix it. As a member of our family, we do all we can to ensure your safety.

7. On-board with Technology

Ruan is in the process of installing PeopleNet on-board recorders in all of our units. These devices save truck drivers time by nearly eliminating paper logs and other paper work. And by automatically tracking drive time, on-duty time and total number of hours worked per week, it is easy for drivers to see when they are approaching hours-of-service limits, ensuring compliance and preventing violations. The two-way communication feature allows terminals to reach drivers on the road without the use of a cell phone—a key safety feature.

So are you ready to join the nation’s best trucking company?

Call 800-TRY-RUAN or visit www.ruan.com/jobs today to learn about truck driving jobs in your area and to find out how our predictable schedules can keep you close to home.