Arthur Elected Chairman of IMTA

Nov 5, 2013 By:

More than 71 years after John Ruan founded the Iowa Motor Truck Association (IMTA) to advocate for the trucking industry, President of Dedicated Contract Carriage Ralph Arthur took over as chairman of the association to continue what Mr. Ruan started.

“We at the IMTA have the back of all the carriers in Iowa,” said Arthur, who began his one-year term as chairman in October. “There are so many things going on in the state and federally that a small business owner can’t keep up with it. Can’t afford to keep up with it.”

Arthur has been with Ruan since 2000 and currently leads all of Ruan’s dedicated business. Because the IMTA provides a voice for the trucking industry at the Iowa Capitol, Arthur’s work will also benefit Ruan.

“As chairman of the IMTA, I think what I’d like to accomplish is to continue what’s happened here in the last few years,” he said. “A lot of progress has been made. Our plan for the next five years is to be more aggressive with the legislature; they need help, and we’re just the people to help them.”

Arthur listed regulations, including hours-of-service, as one of the main issues facing the trucking industry, as well as health care, failing infrastructure and rising fuel prices.

Arthur said he is passionate about helping the trucking industry, which ultimately affects everyone.

“The universal truth about trucking is if you’re eating it, wearing it, sleeping in it, sleeping under it, a truck brought it,” Arthur said. “The last mile is ALWAYS a truck.”

Congratulations, Ralph! You will serve the industry well!